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Arms Training

August 14, 2016 / no comments, on Fitness Blog

Arms Training

everyone wants bigger arms. Muscles that bug the sleeves. Biceps and triceps are one of the most sought after muscle groups. There are several different exercises that target different parts of each muscle. Lets take a look at how we can build up the arms, which exercises to use and good training principles when it comes to building those guns.

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We can start with the triceps. Making up about 2/3 of the arm, the tricep is a 3 headed muscle. Angles play a huge role when it comes to isolating which tricep head you are trying to work. It may seem like extending your arm over your head or straight in front of you feels the same, however different parts of the muscle are being put under different types of stress. Doing a french press (lifting the weight above your head) is good for the long head. This gives you the most mass in the tricep. Other exercises like the kickbacks and rope pulldowns are good to add to your routine to complete the workout. Free weights, machines or body weight – use all the tools at your disposal to hit the muscle from all angles.

Next is the biceps. Bi meaning 2, including the short and long head. There is another muscle underneath the bicep called the brachialis. Building this muscle will cause it to push on your bicep making it look even bigger. A good complete bicep workout should include curls, hammer curls, and variation in grip. If you’ve ever seen someone with a big peak in their biceps it means that they worked the outside head by doing close grip curls. When the outside head is bigger than the inside head, it creates a peak. So varying your hand placement when doing these exercises is a must.

Image result for super set bis trisIn my opinion, the best way to train your arms is to do opposite body part training. In this example, you would do a set of bi’s then do a set of tri’s then rest and repeat. This is called a superset. When you superset bi’s and tri’s together, you are getting a good pump and maximizing muscle growth in your arms. There is no need to do these kinds of workouts everyday, but mix in some regular arm work with supersets throughout the week to confuse your muscles and force them to grow.

Many people chose to do biceps when they train back, and triceps when they hit chest. This makes sense because when you are doing chest, the tri’s are a secondary muscle group doing the work. Same goes for back and bi’s. I would recommend cycling about every 2 months or so of training arms just by themselves with back and chest on the same day, and then doing bi’s and back along with tri’s and chest. Changing it up to keep your body guessing has been proven to give you the best results, so take advantage and get creative with your workouts.




Some good foundation exercises for Tri’s that you have to be doing:

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Can’t forget about the curls for the Biceps:


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