What to do During a Dog Fight

It’s pretty scary to see your pet in a fight with another dog, but by nature, animal instinct sometimes causes alpha feelings that result in fights between our pets and other pets. If your pet is in a fight with another animal, whether another one of your pets, the neighbor’s pet or another animal, keep the following tips in mind to muster through the situation with your sanity intact.

Don’t Panic

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It’s easier to say than do, but if you panic, things only get worse and you won’t be able to do the things needed to break up the fight. So, as difficult as it might be, make sure you stay calm and alert to the situation.

Distract the Dogs

Use whatever is nearby to distract the dogs from the fight. This doesn’t always work, but is a much better option than attempting to get in between two angry dogs amidst a fight. Use water, air horns, loud music, treats, toys, -anything that may possibly distract the pet.

Put Something Between the Dogs

If you’re unable to distract the dogs to stop the fight, place something between them to break up the fight. A board, a piece of wood, etc. work wonderfully during this situation. Be forceful with the dogs and placement of the object between them, as they’re angry and likely to respond in such a manner.

Visit the Vet

If your pet has sustained serious injuries during the fight, there is no time to wait to take him to an animal hospital nw houston. Time is of the essence after a dog fight and minutes certainly matter. Make sure you have a veterinarian that you trust on hand so you aren’t wondering where to go during this emergency.