Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

Light bulbs provide us with light inside rooms at night. The rooms would be pitch black without the aid of a light bulb- and your electricity. However, if you are replacing the bulbs in the home more often than every 5000 hours of use, there is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore.

A lightbulb in any outlet in the house may suddenly blow out for any number of reasons but it should not do that before it lasts thousands of hours. If your bulbs go out before they should, it could be a problem such as:

·    Loose or improperly connected bulb

·    Loose or damaged wiring

·    Power supply voltage is too high

·    Wrong type of bulb used

·    Connection problems

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This list includes only a handful of the most common reasons light bulbs blow. If your bulbs keep blowing, do not continue to replace them without calling an electrician. This could indicate bigger trouble that needs professional help before it causes fire or other dangers in your home.

Some people think that it is the brand of bulb they buy or the location of purchase but that usually isn’t true. Unless specialty outlets and electricity exist in your home, it is something far more problematic more often than not. You should not switch brands or styles of bulbs but instead, make that call to an electrical professional for the best help.

If you need help with electrical problems, call a professional. Attempting electrical service yourself is dangerous and can lead to damages around the home as well as personal injuries. Hire a professional to tend to your electrical services in Houston and all is well again since they are trained and experienced to handle mishaps involving lights bulbs and so many more.