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Chest Training

August 14, 2016 / no comments, on Fitness Blog

Chest Training

A big full chest that fills out your t shirts is something that every guy wants. It is usually the first thing people see when you are at the beach of when you take your shirt off. To get the chest fully developed it must be hit from different angles. The last thing we want is to be uneven or flat. Let’s take a look at the do’s an ddont’s of chest training.

First of all, there are 2 parts of the chest. Upper and lower. You can focus on building the upper part, the lower part or the overall chest. Depending on your shoulder angle while you are working your chest, you are able to stimulate a little more of one part compared to the other. Some people will say that certain exercises are only for uppor or only for lower. This is wron gand if you think of chest training in this way your gains might not be where you want them. Rather think about getting a deep stretch and a tight squeeze whenever you are performing your chest exercises.

The truth is you can emphasize either the top or bottom portion of your pecs, but you do this while working your chest as a whoe. The upper chest is targetted when your arms are pointed over your shoulder level. When your arms come out straight you are working your whole chest, and when your arms are pointed down,  you are hitting the lower pecks. Keep in mind that you are really always hitting the whole chest whenever you do your chest workouts, but like i said before, you can put a little more emphasis on one part by changing the direction at which you extend your arms.

To get the best chest possible, it is important to hit it from multiple angles. So many people rely ondoing the same exercises with the same weight every time – and they are the ones who see little results. Here are some good exercises to get the most out of your chest training:

Bench Press – keep your elbows close to your body to prevent injury. Go all the way down untill the bar touches your chest and explode up. If you are using dumbells you can go even lower to get the best stretch possible. Do not go too low as to injur your elbows; play around with the range of motion and eventually go lower and lower.

Incline Press – bar or dumbells. Works the upper chest. Squeeze hard at the top. When using ligheter weights you can flare your elbows out horizontally to get a little more chest activation. Be careful though as this puts more stress on your shoulders, which is why we only do it with lighter weights.

Decline Press – Bar or Dumbells. Works the lower chest. Same rules as for the incline press. Since it is a decline, you will be able to handle more weight.

Dips – Chest as a whole with emphasis on lower pecs. Start out with body weight dips and do not be afraid to go down low. The more you stretch your chest the better the contraction will be. If you decide to use a weight belt with added plates while performing the dips going only parallel is good enough. No need for shoulder injury.

Cables – Cables are great because you can change teh angles making it incline neutral or decline. This is really good for filling out your chest, as most people are dominant in one area of the pecs but weak in another making their chest look uneven. Focus on your weak points, which is probably upper chest for most people, and keep the weights moederate to light on these.

Try to use a combination of free weights and machines/cables on every chest day. Start out with compound movements and heavy sets at the beginning of the workout and then continue to isolation work and lower weight work. Of course strething the chest and shoulder before any chest day is a must so do not be lazy. As I’ve said before, shoulder injuries are the worst and stretching is an easy way to help prevent them.


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