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How to Confuse the Muscle

August 14, 2016 / no comments, on Fitness Blog

When someone first starts working out and going to the gym, everything is so new that they go from machine to machine, seeing what works best for them. This is good because at first your body isn’t used to any of that kind of stress. The problem comes when they’ve settled in and have the same routine day in and day out. I’ll explain why this is not optimal and may be ruining your gains.

There is a reason why everyone sees the most results within the first couple of years of training. This is because your body is not used to any sort of stress on the muscles, and even starting to do basic exercises, according to your muscles is like going from 0 to 100. This, as Arnold would say is shocking the muscle. You are not used to it, so you feel very sore all over. Later on that level of soreness slowly goes away, and that’s what we are trying to avoid.

A very common mistake is to keep the exercises that you like, and forget ones that are hard or in some cases don’t make you look good. In dong this, you are really minimizing the gains you potentially would get. Think about it, if you are good at doing a certain exercise, your body gets used to it. It remembers that for chest, for example, You’re going to be performing the bench press, then some dumbbell flyes then cable cross overs. It knows this and it is ready for it.

If you keep doing those same exercises every chest day, your body will be prepared for them, and the stress will not be as intense. Our bodies have a sort of memory, and get used to what we did before. It remembers it and rebuilds itself so that next time you will be better at doing that particular task. It adapts to make this easier for you and easier means less muscle gain.

Even if you switch the order of the exercises but keep the weight and reps the same, you are still holding yourself back. So what’s the solution? Simply put you need to change everything. Confusing the muscle is a term that gets thrown around a lot. This means, do not let your body adapt to any exercises. Always change thing sup. Although there are a limited amount of exercises to choose from, there are many ways to alter your workouts enough to shock and confuse the muscle.

Some of my favorites are:

-drop sets

-changing the tempo

-start with low weight and build up to high weights, or vise versa

-long or short rest time

-circuit training

-new exercises



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