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Stretching and Warming Up

August 14, 2016 / no comments, on Fitness Blog

Stretching and Warming up

One of the most overlooked aspects in training is injury prevention. Especially for people that are working out at the gym, it can be easy to hurt yourself in a number of ways . Some people go too heavy with bad form, others thing that stretching is a waste of time. If you are constantly in the gym, these are some safety tips you need to be aware of.

Even the pro’s who have done this for years constantly warn people of the dangers of not stretching or warming up properly. First of all, if you are at the gym working out, it means you have a goal in mind. It will be impossible to reach it if you are injured, and if you don’t do these things you will definitely get injured sooner or later. Warming up by stretching and low weight warm up sets has a number of positive effects.

When you stretch the muscle you want to target, you don’t just do it to loosen up. The main benefit of this is to stretch the fascia tissue that surrounds the muscle. This membrane houses the muscle itself and sometimes restricts growth. It is like a water balloon filled with water. If the balloon is very tight, it can be hard to expand it. Loosening and stretching the fascia will result in your muscle being able to grow more because it will be less restricted.

Another key factor is injuries. It happens to everyone. Most people feel good enough to start as soon as they get into the gym. It is only after you get hurt that most people decide to finally start stretching before and after their workout. Don’t make it too complicated, just simply stretch the muscles you will be using for your lift before performing each exercise. It only takes 5 minutes and is well worth it.

I’m sure most of you already knew about stretching but felt like it was a waste of time. Trust me, I’ve injured my back and shoulder using the same mindset. Now I stretch all the time and have had no additional injuries because of it. My advice is to stretch at least once a day, before and after the workout.


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