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August 14, 2016 / no comments, on Fitness Blog


Do you really need them? It seems like so many people are taking all these supplements, but are they really effective or are they just a waste of money? Let’s take a look at some weight loss and muscle building supplements that most people are taking. Hopefully after reading this you can decide what you should or should not be taking to help you maximize muscle gain and fat loss.

We are going to start with creatine. The most studied supplement of them all. What can creatine do for you? To put it in simple terms, it hydrates your muscle cells. This causes you to get a good pump at the gym, fills out your muscles  a little bit more and gives you a little more strength and endurance than you normally would have. This one definitely works and is backed up by science, but don’t think that it will make a major difference on your looks and performance. Creatine has a very small effect on you, although its noticeable, keep in mind that it is only truly effective if you take it all the time over a long peroid.

It is NOT a steroid, but definitely worth the money. It is found in red meat naturally and extracted to be sold as a supplement. Why not just reat red meat to get creatine in your system? After all, wouldn’t that be the healthier thing to do? Actually no, it wouldn’t. You would have to eat enormous amounts of red meat to get the equivalent 5g a day reccommended dosage that you can easily consume in a pill or powder form. And with consuming that much red meat, you give yourself a world of other health risks that you really do not want.

Whey protein is another common supplement used by millions. Usually comes in powder form, people prefer to mix it with milk or just plain water, and blend it with some bannanas or whatever else you would perfer to get some extra vitamins and give it a better taste. Protein is what builds muscle, so the general idea is to get at least 1 gram of protein per 1 lb or body weight. This means if you weigh 180 pounds, you should ideally be eating 180 grams of protein per day. But is whey protein really the best source of protein? Between the choice of getting your protein from meals like chicken or steak or from a whey protein shake, real food should always be your number one choice. It is when people start replacing their meals with whey protein where they start seeing negative results.

BCAA pills have their place too. They can help you hold on to your muscle mass while on a cut. Normally when you cut your calories to burn that extra fat off, you will unfortunately burn some of tha thard earned muscle along with it. BCAA’s can help hold on to as much muscle mass as you can while on a calorie deficit. Be careful to read the ingredient labels on everything you take. You will notice that in whey protein, manufacturers already put in some BCAA’s so there is no need to buy extra BCAA supplements. However if you do not take any whey and get all your protein from actual food, then taking BCAA supplements might be a good idea if you are on a cut.

Lets talk about weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss supplements out there. It is natural and has proven to help the effects of fat burn in some studies. Some people say it works great, others say it is a waste of money. The truth is that it is only effective if you are already dieting and doing cardio. Eating junk food and expecting fat loss results from a pill is nonsencical. However if you want to speed up how fast you burn fat while exercising and eating healthy, Garcinia Cambogia is definitely a good help.

Next is any kind of pre-workout. Bodybuilders and average gym goers alike sometimes do not feel like going to the gym and working out. They may physically be at the gym, but the much needed intensity is not there. Here is where pre-workouts come in. They will feel like a bolt of lightning has struck you and will hype you up like crazy. However it has diminishing returns the more you use it. Your body will get used to it very fast, before you even finish the bottle you will stop feeling the desired effects (at least in my experience). For this reason, I would reccomend using pre-workouts once in a while when you have a really tough workout ahead of you, or at least every other day so that your body doesnt get too used to it.

There are lots and lots of other supplements out there, however these main ones that I’ve mentioned are all safe to use and will give you results only if used correctly. Don’t forget, you really don’t need supplements to get a great physique, but they definitely will help.

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